Isabella Whitworth

probably more than natural and synthetic dyes, wax, resists, and history



I happened to mention to a friend that I only look tidy for an hour once every six weeks. This unusual sixty minutes occurs immediately after my haircut – and today was haircut day. Friend suggested that I astonish my blog readership with an image of me during tidy-hour, but I am a bit shy to do that. Instead you shall have a reflection of the svelte-for-a-moment-me in the cylinder of my fabric steamer. I loaded it up this morning with nine shibori scarves, and the three waxed ones which I completed since New Year. The image is wonderful, for in the reflection process I have lost three tons and almost look thin. Other images show the lead up to the steam with making the shibori scarves, removing wax from the waxed pieces and other bits and pieces.

2 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. i admit to a little steamer envy here. and like the itajime piece a lot. tidy hour around here only last 30 minutes!

  2. Hi shiborigirl. Thanks for following – and for liking the itajime piece. My steamer is great and I have had it for 25 years. I don’t know what I’d do without it and I sometimes steam work for past students too. The bottom part is a standard boiler but the top half with the chamber, pole, lid etc is custom made from stainless steel. I sometimes use just the base to steam shibori that is still wrapped in foil.

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