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probably more than natural and synthetic dyes, wax, resists, and history


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I’ve had a busy few days which have included a preview of Devon Guild of Craftsmen’s biennial exhibition Get Fresh. This features the work of emerging south west makers. It’s open until 24th February. A trip to London for the Journal editorial meeting was on Saturday in the Gradidge Room at the Art Worker’s Guild. I like this elegant but slightly crumbly old building in Queen Square, with stern portraits of past masters (there were, it seems, no mistresses)  looking down on us from the walls. The Art Workers Guild was founded in the 1884 and I enjoy reading  its aims, comparing them to what we are trying to achieve through the work of the Journal and the Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers. Looking up their textile membership, I found Bobbie Kociejowski and Charlotte Grierson, both names well-known to the Journal.

I particularly  like the last few words in this quotation from the home page of the Art Workers’ Guild:

The Guild is a society of artists, craftsmen and designers with a common interest in the interaction, development and distribution of creative skills. It represents a variety of views on design and stands for authenticity (irrespective of political and stylistic ideology) in a world increasingly uncertain about what is real.

Back home, and after a Journal meeting, there is normally a great deal of follow-up emailing to do, and this time is no exception. I need to make a small collection of shibori for the Devon Guild of Craftsmen on Friday, which means last opportunity to steam-fix will will be on Thursday.

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